This page details the release history of Common Metadata Ratings.

We highly recommend using the latest version, however, earlier versions are retained so they may be referenced.

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Version 2.4.5

TR-META-CR, Version 2.4.5, April 16, 2021


  • Korea KR_KCC
    • Added
  • Korea KR_KMRB
    • Updated Images
    • Added reasons
  • Version 2.4.4

    TR-META-CR, Version 2.4.4, February 19, 2021


    • Austria BMUKK
      • Updated website and contact information.
      • Updated version
    • Belgium CICF
      • Deprecated. Belgium uses NL_Kijkwijzer as of January 8, 2020.
    • Bulgaria NFRC
      • Added english descriptions of ratings.
      • Updated version
    • Canada CBSC-F
      • Deprecated 8 rating.
      • Updated version
    • Netherlands Kijkwijzer
      • Added Belgium to regions.
    • Norway Medietilsynet
      • Added english descriptions of reasons.
      • Updated version
    • Republic of Korea KMRB
      • Added english descriptions of reasons.
      • Updated contact information.
      • Updated version
    • Singapore MDA-VG
      • Added reasons.
      • Updated version
    • Ukraine
      • Deprecated 14 and X21.
      • Updated version

    Version 2.4.3

    TR-META-CR, Version 2.4.3, November 19, 2020


    • Singapore
      • Added 40+ new reasons.
      • Updated version

    Version 2.4.2

    TR-META-CR, Version 2.4.2, June 30, 2020


    • Switzerland Film
      • Added new contact infomation
      • Added new ratings
      • Added French descriptions
      • Updated German descriptions
    • Uruguay INAU
      •   New system added

    Version 2.4.1

    TR-META-CR, Version 2.4.1, April 28, 2020


    • Brazil DJCTQ
      • added description for reason LI, Linguagem Imprópria
      • added reason PM, Procedimentos Médicos
      • version incremented to 4
    • United States FAB
      • Updated contact information

    Version 2.4

    TR-META-CR, Version 2.4, February 28, 2020


    • Australia ACMA
      • Added missing ratings and graphics: G, PG, M, And MA
      • Note: reasons are listed in some descriptions of ratings. Unsure if they need to be converted to reasons
    • Bahrain MIA
    • Bolivia Film
    • Brazil DJCTQ
      • Unchanged. Note that this rating mixes both TV-only and film-only ratings systems. However, it cannot not be changed without breaking legacy systems.
    • Brunei Film
    • Bulgaria NFRC:
      • updated contact info and text of rating explanations
      • "C" Rating corrected to indicate under-12 admission requires adult supervision
      • Adjusted ordinals accordingly
    • Canada
      • Canada AFC
        • Added reasons
      • Canada CBSC
        • Added Reasons
      • Canada CBSC-F
        • Updated descriptions
      • Canada CPBC-T
        • Deprecated A and added R rating
      • Canada CHVRS
        • Editing, incluiding inclusion of more French
      • Canada MFCB
        • Added XXX and AA ratings
      • Canada OFRB
        • Deprecated System. Ontario now uses British Columbia version
      • Canada RCQ
        • Added reasons
    • Colombia MOC
      • Added additional descriptions
    • Costa Rica CCEP
      • New system
      • Note: Could not find offical abbreviation for Todo Público menores de 12 acompañados de un adulto. Theatres seem to just use 12. Chose TP12 for consistency
    • Cambodia MCFA-KH
    • Croatia HAVC
      • New system
      • No authoritative sources. Verified through cinema websites. Only saw 15 and SU in movie listings
    • Czech Republic
      • Added 15 rating
      • Deprecated 14
    • Denmark MCCYP
      • Updated contact info and text of rating explanations
    • Ecuador CNE
      • New system
      • Verified through cinema sites. No authoritative sites found
    • Egypt Film
      • Added 12+, 16
      • Information added based on common usage, but no authoritative sources were found
    • El Salvador Film:
      • New system
      • Verified via cinema websites, but no authoritative sites were found.
    • Estonia Film
      • Deprecated K-6
    • Finland MEKU
      • Description updates
    • France CNC
      • Updated URL
    • Germany FSF
      • New System (TV)
      • Note that FSK formerly incorrectly referenced TV.
    • Germany FSK
      • Deprecated Keine rating
      • Usage incorrectly indicated that this includes TV broadcast. TV ratings, however, are handled by the FSF, rather than FSK. The FSF rating system has been added as the relevant TV rating system, and the FSK usage has been corrected. to remove TV
    • Great Britain BBFC
      • Updated graphics and edited descriptions
    • Greece Film
      • 2000 law referenced as authoritative in 2017 book on Greek Media Law.
      • Added Cyprus to rating
      • Deprecated E
      • Added K-15 rating
      • Added Greek definitions
    • Honduras Film
      • New system
    • Hong Kong FCO
      • Changed URL. Classification information is located at cedb site. Cognizant agency is OFNAA
      • Added Chinese definitions
    • Hungary RCNOF
      • Deprecated VI
    • Iceland Frisk
      • New system
      • It is the current system for Iceland
      • Based on Kijkwijzer, but not identical. Note that it was listed as a Region for Kijkwijzer, but has been removed.
    • Iceland SMAIS
      • Deprecated System. No other changes made
    • Ireland IFCO and IFCOF
      • Updated contact info
    • Ireland RTE
      • Removed broken URL
    • Israel Film
      • Changed language to hebrew in several ratings
    • Italy AGCOM
      • Added VM6 Rating
    • Italy MBACT
      • Added VM16
    • Japan EIRIN
      • Added Japanese description and noted that the site is geo blocked
    • Jordan MC-JO
    • Kazakhstan KCB
      • New system
      • Ratings reflect law
    • Kuwait KCB
    • Lebanon LCB
    • Lithuania LKC
      • New system
      • Added law to source material
    • Malaysia FCBM
      • Updated URL
    • Mexico RTC
      • Corrected typo regarding abel for 'B' rating
      • Updated contact info and text of rating explanations
      • Added clarifying note regarding use of color in labeling
    • Netherlands Kijkwijzer
      • Removed Iceland from usage section. Iceland uses a similar but different system.
      • Updated reasons, explanations, and icons
      • Added 14 and 18, with images
      • Note that Common Metadata added abilty to add Ratings values to Reasons
    • Peru Film
      • Descriptions updated
    • Portugal CCE
      • Deprecated m/4
      • Added A, m/3, and m/18-P
      • Added updated documentation to source material (from government source material)
      • Added Macao to usage
    • Romania CNA
      • Updated descriptions
    • Russia MKRF
      • Added Armenia as a region
      • Added Belarus as a region
      • Added 14 rating
    • Saudi Arabia CIC-SA
    • Singapore MDA
      • Version/URI change: NC16 and NC18 were incorrectly specified as 'guidance' rather than restrictions enforceable by law.
      • Updated notes regarding OTT relevance
      • Evaluation criteria (i.e., Reasons) have been added
    • Singapore MDA-VG
      • New rating system added that is specific to video games.
    • Slovakia Film
      • Added 7 ratings
      • Added in new descriptions. Some have different labels
    • South Africa FPB
      • Added ratings specific reasons
      • Deprecated 10M, and XX
    • Spain ICAA
      • Updated URL
      • Added Spanish definitions
    • Taiwan MOC-TW
      • PG rating has been deprecated
      • R-12 and R-15 ratings have been added
    • Taiwan MOC-TW-TV
      • New system
    • Thailand BFVC
      • Added Thai descriptions
    • Ukraine Ukraine
      • added rating 12 on advice from paramount database.
    • United Arab Emirates MOI
      • New system
    • United Arab Emirates MOI-G
      • New system
    • US ESRB
      • Deprecated C rating
    • Viet Nam MCST
      • Deprecated NYR, 0, 16+

    Version 2.3.2

    TR-META-CR, Version 2.3.2, July 13, 2018


    • Argentina INCAA: updated contact information
    • Belgium CICF: added contact information
    • Belgium CSA: new rating system added
    • Canada/Quebec: updated contact information
    • Chile CCC: updated to conform with revised law a/o 2017-Nov-03:
      • deprecated 6 rating
      • removed 18S and 18V ratings to correct misinterpretation of the statute.
      • Min age with supervision changed to 6 for '14' rating
      • Version incremented to '1' (**URI incremented**).
    • Finland MEKU: correct supervised age ranges (**URI incremented**); fixed broken icon links; corrected Finish descriptors, added Swedish descriptors, deleted English descriptors.
    • France CSA: ratings Explanations added
    • Great Britain BBFC: add Reasons for 12, 12A, and 15 ratings
    • Hungary: updated POC information; replaced English descriptors with Hungarian.
    • Indonesia LSB: 'A' rating deprecated; contact info updated; English rating descriptors deleted.
    • Japan: corrected SystemID to be "EIRIN" instead of "ERIN"
    • Nigeria NFVCB: fixed broken icon links; updated definitions.
    • Maldives NBC: fixed broken icon links; updated contact information
    • Singapore MDA: icons have been added by the rating agency; updated contact information
    • South Africa FPB: the deprecated '10M' rating has been added

    Version 2.3.1

    TR-META-CR, Version 2.3.1, August 8, 2017


    • Added RP18 rating to the New Zealand OFLC rating system
    • Administrative updates, such as, revising the P.O.C info for the Austrian BMUKK rating system

    Version 2.3

    TR-META-CR, Version 2.3, January 3, 2017


    • Added the ICBMT rating system for Turkey.
    • Added MCST rating system for Vietnam
    • Added '10' rating to FPB rating system for South Africa
    • The URI assign to Alberta's AFC rating system has changed from to
    • Corrected error in how XML was formatted to specify that the <AdoptiveRegion> is a sub-region (i.e., state, province, or canton). The ratings systems impacted are:
      • RCQ (Canada: Quebec)
      • OFRB (Canada: Ontario)
      • AFC (Canada: Alberta)
      • CPBC (Canada: British Columbia)
      • PBC-T (Canada: British Columbia)
      • MFCB (Canada: New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia)

        The version number and assigned URI for each of these systems have changed as a result.
    • Added Korean language descriptors to KMRB rating system and removed English descriptors.
    • Corrected minor typos in New Zealand OFLAC and Sweden SM-SA rating systems.

    Version 2.2.6

    TR-META-CR, Version 2.3, December 22, 2016
    • Norwegian Medietilsynet rating system has been updated to reflect changes made Feb 23, 2015 in ACT RELATING TO THE PROTECTION OF MINORS AGAINST HARMFUL AUDIOVISUAL PROGRAMMES .
    • Correction to Latvian ratings: 16+ rating added.
    • The HTML and XML-based ratings replaces the older PDF versions.This approach has the following benefits:
      • Supports interoperability between ratings source (e.g., studios) and ratings consumers (e.g., retail sites). Exchanged data can be consistent and validated.
      • Support internationalized parental control (ratings enforcement) systems. Systems can use these data to enforce ratings worldwide without prior knowledge of individual rating systems.

    TR-META-CR, Version 2.2.6, August 19, 2015

    Version 2.2.5

    TR-META-CR Version v2.2.5 Specification, February 24, 2015


    • Rating system for Ukraine has been added
    • Correction to URL for Latvian ratings organization

    Version 2.2.4

    TR-META-CR Version v2.2.4 Specification, January 27, 2015


    • PEGI - Errors corrected pertaining to missing Adoptive Regions.
    • Rating systems for Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Peru, and Venezuela were present in Release 2.2.2 but were missing from Release 2.2.3. These have been restored in Release 2.2.4.

    Version 2.2.3

    TR-META-CR Version v2.2.3 Specification, December 13, 2014


    • Errors pertaining to specification of the schema location and use of CDATA have been corrected in all XML files.
    • PEGI XML revised to indicate Belgium as the sole administrative region. No change to Adoptive Regions
    • Indonesia LSF: revised to conform to Article 28 of Govt Regulation # 18 2014: CENSORSHIP GUIDELINES AND CRITERIA

    Version 2.2.2

    TR-META-CR Version v2.2.2 Specification, December 19, 2014


    • Australia NCS: ID of the MA15+ rating has been changed to MA15 due to software compatibility issues in existing Parental Control implementations. The use of the "+" remains in the descriptive text, symbology, and label.
    • Note added regarding unofficial usage of French CSA in Luxembourg
    • Note added regarding unofficial usage of German FSK in Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg
    • Note added regarding unofficial usage of Kijkwijzer in Belgium
    • Deprecated rating '13' added to Spanish ICAA

    Version 2.2.1

    TR-META-CR Version v2.2.1 Specification, November 12, 2014


    • Brazil DJCTQ: Documentation of ratings criteria and content descriptions is now based on Section F of the Content Rating Guide, rather than Sections A thru E.

    Version 2.2

    TR-META-CR Version v2.2 Specification, September 9, 2014


    • Brazil DJCTQ:
      • Updated link to web site
      • Deleted English definitions
      • Icons displayed in both "Symbol" and "Information Box" formats
      • Documentation of "Reasons & Content Descriptors"" added
      • "Combined Information" ratings added.
    • Canada CBSC:
      • Rating "E" added.
      • Note added clarifying language-specific usage.
    • Canada CBSC-F: new rating system.
    • US TVPG:
      • Corrections to ""Reasons and Content Descriptors" regarding Violence
      • Note added regarding use of CEA-766

    Version 2.1

    TR-META-CR Version v2.1 Specification, April 9, 2014


    • Schema changes
    • Philippines MTRCB:
      • Ratings "G-TV", "PG-TV", and "SPG" added.
      • Reasons "THEME" and "LANG" added.

    Version 2.0

    TR-META-CR Version v2.0 Specification, January 3, 2014


    • First release including Worldwide Ratings Data in both XML and HTML format. Based on Schema Version 1.0

    Version 1.1

    Common Metadata Content Rating, TR-META-CR, v1.1a1, March 12, 2013 (PDF)

    • Version showing changes from v1.1a (PDF)

    Common Metadata Content Rating, TR-META-CR, v1.1a, February 6, 2013 (PDF)

    • Version showing changes from v1.1 (PDF)

    Common Metadata Content Rating, TR-META-CR, v1.1, December 17, 2012 (PDF)

    • Version showing changes from v1.0 (PDF)


    • Changed "E" for exempt ratings to ""EXEMPT".
    • Added ""EXEMPT"" to NZ and AU ratings.
    • 1.1.a: Additional "EXEMPT" corrections
    • 1.1.a.1; Corrected typo in Canada (CVHRS -> CHVRS)

    Version 1.0


    • Common Metadata Content Rating, TR-META-CR, v1.0, December 14, 2012 (PDF)


    • Please submit questions and comments to