New Whitepaper – The Evolution of Production Workflows
October 29, 2020 · From MovieLabs News
Rich Berger speaks to PostPerspective about the MovieLabs vision in 2020
July 15, 2020 · From MovieLabs
Movielabs partners with ETC@USC to publish VFX file naming specification white paper
July 10, 2020 · From MovieLabs News
IBC365 looks at early adoption of the 10 principles from our Evolution of Media Creation Whitepaper
June 24, 2020 · From MovieLabs News
Movielabs champions usable VFX Archive via IBC Accelerator Program
June 4, 2020 · From MovieLabs News
MovieLabs publishes workflow use cases for resumption of film and TV production
May 25, 2020 · From Movielabs News
MovieLabs shares 2030 Vision impact with NAB Tech Talks
May 15, 2020 · From MovieLabs News
Welcome to Cloud Studio City – Feed Magazine Article
March 25, 2020 · From MovieLabs News
NEW Whitepaper – Future of Security for Production Workflows
December 10, 2019 · From MovieLabs News
MovieLabs shares a vision for the Future of Production with IBC365
November 8, 2019 · From IBC 365 - James Pearce
IBCTV – Future of Media Production Interview
September 26, 2019 · From MovieLabs News
MovieLabs Publishes Talent ID White Paper
August 29, 2019 · From MovieLabs News
MovieLabs and Hollywood Studios Publish White Paper Envisioning the Future of Media Creation in 2030
August 20, 2019 · From MovieLabs News
Movielabs, AWS and Rodeo FX join the Academy Software Foundation
July 29, 2019 · From Movie Labs News
Expert System supports media organizations with the MovieLabs Creative Works Ontology
July 24, 2019 · From Movielabs News
MovieLabs at NAB 2019
April 6, 2019 · From MovieLabs news
MovieLabs host Mayor of London’s International Business Programme
March 30, 2019 · From MovieLabs News
DEG, EMA and MovieLabs Release Updated Specifications for Use by Studios, Retailers and Service Providers
December 13, 2018 · From movieLabs news
MovieLabs Opens LA Office
November 20, 2018 · From MovieLabs News
Movielabs partners with Intel for AI & Machine Learning roundtable
November 9, 2018 · From MovieLabs news
Creative Works Ontology and White Paper for the Film & TV Industry
October 1, 2018 · From MovieLabs news
MovieLabs Publishes Updated Specification for Enhanced Content Protection, v1.2
September 5, 2018 · From MovieLabs News
DEG, EMA and MovieLabs form Digital Supply Chain Alliance
July 18, 2018 · From MovieLabs news
EIDR Appoints New Officers
June 4, 2018 · From MovieLabs News
Rich Berger, invited by Feed Magazine to give his thoughts on developing cross-studio best practices in the Genius Section of this new exciting industry magazine
April 19, 2018 · From MovieLabs news
MovieLabs Publishes Best Practices for Mapping BT.709 Content to HDR10 for Consumer Distribution
April 2, 2018 · From MovieLabs News
DEG interview with Rich Berger
March 23, 2018 · From MovieLabs news
MovieLabs Digital Distribution Framework (MDDF) Specifications Update
January 11, 2018 · From MovieLabs News
Confused about IDs in supply chain specifications? Read our new white paper—A Short Guide to Identifiers for the Digital Supply Chain.
December 15, 2017 · From MovieLabs news
MovieLabs Taps Sony’s Richard Berger as CEO
September 26, 2017 · From MovieLabs news
Updated EMA Avails Enables Greater Automation of Digital Video Supply Chain
September 15, 2017 · From MovieLabs news
EIDR appoints new Executive Director Will Kreth
August 29, 2017 · From News
Digital Supply Chain White Paper now available
July 28, 2017 · From MovieLabs
EIDR Round Trip Complete! YouTube Financial Reports Will Include EIDR IDs for Google Play Transactions
April 18, 2017 · From MovieLabs Marketing
Kantar Media Audio Watermarking Technology Selected for Next Step in SMPTE Standardization To Bind IDs to Media Assets
February 22, 2017 · From
VideoNet: VR Industry Forum determined to prevent bad consumer experiences and ecosystem fragmentation
January 26, 2017 · From VideoNet
Rapid TV News: MovieLabs predictions for 2017
January 5, 2017 · From Rapid TV News
Comcast Launches Enhanced Movie Extras on X1 Platform
December 16, 2016 · From Comcast
A Star is Born Becomes 1 Millionth Record in the EIDR Registry of Unique Content Identifiers
September 7, 2016 · From EIDR
Broadcasting & Cable Guest Blog: Moving 4K UHD From Risk to Reward
July 8, 2016 · From B&C
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Expands Emmy® Award-Winning Work on Captions and Subtitles for More Accessible Video Content
May 24, 2016 · From W3C
Innovations in Digital Distribution
April 5, 2016 · From VideoEdge
Top 50 VOD Professionals in North America for 2016
April 4, 2016 · From VOD Professional
2016 Milestones in Digital Plumbing
January 31, 2016 · From Rapid TV News
EMA and MovieLabs Release Media Manifest Delivery Core
January 19, 2016 · From EMA / MovieLabs
Congratulations to the World Wide Web Consortium
January 6, 2016 · From MovieLabs
The Divergent Series, Amazon, HBO NOW, and MovieLab’s Craig Seidel Receive Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Digital Entertainment
October 15, 2015 · From EntMerch
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